Training Materials

As part of the AKILIMO Decision Support Tools suite, the AKILIMO team has developed additional materials for training, promotion, and how-to-use guides for AKILIMO tools

AKILIMO offers various training materials to learn best agronomic practices based on land size measurements, providing farmers with tailored agricultural knowledge.

Instructional slides

Instructional slides visually present information or instructions, used in training.

Cassava cropping guides

Cassava cropping guides are useful resources in agricultural training to help farmers cultivate cassava successfully.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos demonstrate cassava planting, crop management, and disease control techniques visually.

AKILIMO mobile app

Get site-specific fertilizer advice

The AKILIMO smartphone app provides site-specific fertilizer advice, recommendations for best planting practices, intercropping and/or planting and harvest schedules.

The app provides yield predictions along with customized recommendations, optimizing investments in the cassava system to maximize net returns. generate recommendations. It provides recommendations directly on the smartphone, or via SMS or email.

The app collects minimal essential user data such as GPS location, land area and input and commodity prices in a stepwise manner and interacts with a prediction engine on the central AKILIMO server to give tailored agronomic advice.

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